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I am still waiting for someone to cut me off or a jay walker so I can use my new horn. So far... nothing. I even purposely left a little more space in front of me to entice a vehicle to cut me off but no one is biting. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised since I can count on one hand the number of times I had to honk at someone since I owned this motorcycle 4 years ago. :P
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Vancouver, British Columbia

No Parking

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Sigh. I miss riding.

Vancouver, BC

Autumn Ride

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For Sale

Jul. 29th, 2007 02:32 am
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The owner kindly let me know that I could remove the sign but I prefer to take photos of things as they are. This was photographed at night under street lighting.

1978 Harley Davidson Sportster 1000 XL
Westend, Vancouver

For Sale
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I found another photo from Saturday. I don't think I'm actually in front... I probably got left behind by my own group! :P

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The ART motorcycle course was quite tiring. My arm and leg muscles are a bit sore from moving my body and throwing the bike around. I'm sure my muscle will be much more sore tomorrow.

It was cold zipping along the highway that early in the morning.... but then it became very hot later in the day. After misjudging the amount of time to get out there, my riding partner and I arrived half an hour early. We decided to get some coffee and arrived half an hour late instead. That was okay as everyone took a while to prep their bikes. We removed the licence plate and mirrors and then taped up all the lights with duct tape as well as the speedometer.

The first thing they did was take the 14 of us on a walking tour around the course to point out riding lines and rules. And then we were divided into 4 groups of 3 and 4 riders each. For the first two laps, I was thinking about all the turns, braking and speeds so much that I actually forgot how to ride my motorcycle. It was only during the final two laps that I began to relax more and remember everything that I learned. After a break we went out again with the instructor following one of us at a time with a helmet cam. Later on, we got to see how well... or badly we were doing. :P

The groups took turns all day going out there and I lost track of how many laps we did. We also spent some time practicing heavy braking. Everyone had a great time and learned a few things. The purpose of this course is not really to teach us how to ride faster but to improve our skill limits so we are better able to cope with certain situations we may encounter. The best thing about the day is that none of us crashed. :D

My eyes are red right now from the sun and exposure to air. I think that I also have a bit of sunburn from being out in the sun all day. I hope not. That shower I just took felt so good though.

After completing this course, I learned that speed is not something I'm too crazy about. I now know that organized racing on a track is not something I'll get into.
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I just got back from the Advanced Riders Training motorcycle course. It was pretty informative. There were only 3 of the "Hot Chicks" there so it was okay.

The course covered the same things as the book Sport Riding Techniques by Nick Ienatsch. I have read that book and a few others numerous times so the material was not that new to me. But since there was an actual knowledgeable instructor available, I was able to ask a few question along with the other students and had a lot of things clarified.

On Saturday, we will be at the track at 8AM until 4PM.... that is probably close to 7 to 8 hours of riding, not to mention the 1.75 hours it will take to get out there. I am going to be so sore by the end of the day.
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Taking off for Whistler.


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I had to get to bed early last night so I could make it out to the Fireman's Burns Ride out to Whistler this morning. There were 236 riders registered and over $7000 was raised to fund some kids, who are burn victims, to a special camp. This event was something that Julia Sit had organised for the past few years and we are continuing it in her memory. The ride itself went well but I noticed how chaos ensued when we got to the stretches of passing lanes on the Sea-To-Sky Highway.

Once we got to Whistler, I made an effort to visit my old friend, Marc. He runs an arts and crafts store up there but he may be closing it soon as business has been slow and rent has been rising. I still can't believe how quickly he has aged over the past 10 years.

About an hour later, it began to shower. A lot of riders on their Harleys and cruiser hightailed it out of there. Most of us just found shelter to wait out the rain. And about fifteen minutes later, the sun came back out. At least there were now fewer people to compete with for the door prizes. I actually won an advanced rider training course that I couldn't really afford if I had to pay for it.

The ride back was nice and dry. I did get stuck behind a line of trucks and a bus but it wasn't too bad. In retrospect, I don't think I these large motorcycle rides are for me. I prefer riding alone or with a friend or two. Things are just too wild for me when there are too many riders, especially if I don't know them very well. This trip was for a good cause so it was worth it... even if I have to eat instant noodles for lunch for the rest of the week because of my donation.

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Well. That was a fun ride! I met about 15 other bikers up in North Vancouver for a ride on the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Squamish. This was the first group ride I have joined since a memorial ride almost a year ago. It was a fun and responsible group of people.

The weather was just perfect. The shade from the mountainside made the temperatures cool. Traffic was also light. The most important thing was that everyone reached the destination safely and got back home the same way. There were some faster riders who went ahead of us and they attracted the attention of the police away from us. They were lucky to only receive a warning.

I just got back so I still have to get out of my leathers and wash the bugs from my helmet and bike. I almost forgot how big they were on the highway.

Oh... I just remembered that I hadn't even eaten dinner yet! :P
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I have never had anyone try challenging me into a race while I'm on my sportbike ever since I started riding. Besides, I could care less about who's faster and I don't like getting speeding tickets. I don't always stick to the speed limit but I also know when I should slow down.

Today, a shiny black Porsche Boxster pulled up next to me at a stop and rabbit started on the green light. I would catch up to it at the next light where the driver would zip away again when the light changed. I noticed that it didn't do this to any other vehicles... quite possibly because it was able to stay ahead of them with no problem.

As the Porshe weaved it's way to the front at every light, I finally ended up next to it at a red light at my own pace. Again, when the light changed to green, it moved ahead of me... hesitated for a moment when the driver found himself next to a police paddy wagon... and then decided to move in front of it and pull away.

And then the police vehicle instantly flashed it's lights and sounded it's siren. It pulled the Porsche over and as I passed by, I saw a cute police officer get out and walk to the car. I'm almost certain she was not going to compliment him on his choice of vehicle.
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What a beautiful day! The sun was smiling through the clouds and the slight breeze was eagerly pushing me along.

As I strolled across the parking lot, helmet in hand, I could see her there shining like a jewel on the coal-black asphalt. She looked like she was in motion even though she was still. However, she was leaning on her sidestand, like an impatient woman waiting for her partner to show up and take her out to dance.

As I got closer, I moved around this lovely creature with the many points of lights streaming across the facets of its surface. I admired the sleek lines of this being, shaped by evolution to move smoothly through the air... bred and refined by generations of racing champions in her lineage. Beneath the smooth, shiny skin was the powerful musculature of metal and hot fluids coursing throughout.

The lean seat and angular shapes revealed a lifestyle that deterred the timid. She would likely seduce her lover into false security and laugh throatily as they screamed around a gripping corner. But cross her and she will make sure that you will never forget the moment you pushed her too far.

Suddenly remembering the keys in my hand, I brought my own companion to life. I sheepishly pushed out the thoughts of admiring another as I glanced at my own partner with its hot-glued, duct-taped mirror and patch of rough scars on one faded side. As I strapped on my helmet and pulled on my gloves, I threw a leg across her well padded and worn seat. I gave the throttle a few twists. She answered back with a growl to remind me who I was with. I had to give her my full attention if I wanted to master the turns and stops that would be required on the busy streets.

Behind the safety of my tinted visor, I took one last look at the beauty that I longed to have one day. And with the glint of the sun on her headlight, she seemed to smile and wink back at me.
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Just some photos of my motorcycle.

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The day started off earlier than it probably should as I had just played a hockey game and didn't get to bed until 2:30 because of the adrenalin that was still in my system. I was still making saves in my sleep... :P

After getting through a lot of construction work, I met up with SovietNimrod's better half for a ride around town. It had been a long time since I rode for fun as I was using my motorcycle for commuting all season. Bug was very good company and I was impressed to see her improvements throughout the day. I was fortunate that she had her cell phone when I had to call BCAA to jumpstart my dead battery when I accidentally left my headlight on at a stop we made.

I had a relaxing, fun ride and most importantly, Bug returned safe and sound to her hubby.
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I'm actually only going about 2 kmph for this photo, taken by my brother... seriously. I wanted to finish off my roll of film.

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