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Omigosh... what time is it??

Sometimes it better to just let things run its course. Things often work themselves out in the end. The trick is knowing when to nudge things along and in what direction. Having a lot of patience helps. There are many things in life that should be fully appreciated.

It was a beautiful day today. I took a walk around the northern portion of the West End. I ended up near the Bayshore Inn and saw some very well dressed people waiting near a shiny black limousine. I was so taken by one of the women that I walked by a second time to get a better look. She looked so elegant in her dress and long, flowing scarf. I don't often have an opportunity to see someone dressed like that.

Life is really good these days. And it seems to be getting better all the time. It's amazing how things seem to neatly fall into place. There's not a lot I can complain about.
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I got to the Diwali fundraiser about 15 minutes before it was scheduled to start in order to get a good seat and table. I turned out to be really early as people did not really start arriving until an hour later! Nesha joined me about 20 minutes after I got there. I noticed that there were a lot of people in attendance who were not South Asian.. and many of the non-Indian women wore saris and kemmez salwars as well.

After waiting a while, we ate some pakora and chicken tikka appetizers served to us as we watched a bharanatayam performance. I recognized the dancer from other shows... I must really have been attending a lot of these to know that! There were a few bhangra performances after by groups of young boys and girls. Nesha and I noticed that there were more parents crowded around the front of the stage to take photos and video their kids when the girls performed. The boys didn't get nearly as much attention! There was also a performance by two tabla drummers. They were quite sedate.

In between the dance performances, there were draws for door prizes. I actually won a complete sari and a choker... unfortunately, I can't wear it and Nesha is not comfortable wearing ethnic clothing. :P

As the evening wore on, Nesha couldn't stay any longer as she had to meet the guy she was seeing. He would be off work soon and didn't really even want her to come out to this event with me, which is understandable. I insisted that she should go and not be late as I didn't want her to get into trouble. Unfortunately, Nesha had to miss the main course being served... what a waste of her $20 admission fee...
She apologized and left... and I awkwardly found myself alone with the table all to myself.

The dinner buffet was great but I had eaten way too much. The buffet consisted of palak paneer, tara mixed vegetables, butter chicken, raita, basmati rice, naan bread, salad and fresh fruit.

It was partway into dinner that the lights dimmed and some fusion was played by the DJ. A lot of people began to fill the dance floor. A moment later, someone went up on the stage and insisted that all non-desi and people who never did any bhangra dancing before get onto the dance floor. I got up there before someone had to drag me there. We were taught a few basic bhangra moves... including the famous "screw-in-the-lightbulb" move! I had a great time moving to the music and had a smile on my face all the way home when it was over. I'm still feeling full though...
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Dragonfly in garden (Alix, Alberta)

Nesha does pump her own gas! (Kamloops, BC)

Alix Lake, Alberta
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I got back a day earlier than planned last night. The road trip to Calgary was disappointing but the destination was wonderful.

Nesha and I did not get the interesting stops and explorations that we expected on our way to Cowtown. Her twin sister was in a grumpy mood. All she wanted to do was get there as soon as possible and to come back home top Vancouver as soon as possible. With Nesha and me being 2 hours behind on our start, that didn't help matters. Nesha's sister wanted to visit their father but she was dreading her family. She also missed her boyfriend immensely and suggested that we drive there in one day... for a one day visit... and drive back home in one day. Nesha and I tried our best to salvage the trip.

The trip there was divided into two days and Nesha's sister was miserable. We couldn't take any breaks other than smoke breaks and for her and to refuel, as she wanted to just get to Calgary. However, things went better than expected once we got to Calgary. We got to her dad's place on Friday and went out for the women's birthdays with a dinner and then a movie.

On Saturday, all of us drove out to Alix. Nesha's family was so nice and we celebrated her grandfather's birthday on Saturday. Nesha's birthday, her twin's and her cousin's birthday were the day before. And her grandmother's birthday was on Monday... 5 birthdays within 4 days!

After one more enjoyable night with Nesha's dad, we left for Vancouver on Monday. Originally, Nesha and I wanted to do some horseback riding and whitewater rafting during our 2 day trip back but decided to drive straight back to Vancouver. Her sister was driving us crazy pining for her boyfriend so we made it back in about 9 hours. We only stopped for gas and a quick lunch. Her sister didn't even take any smoke breaks so we could get back to Vancouver even quicker. Oh well... it was raining in Golden anyway so we couldn't do much anyway. Nesha's sister was in a cheerful mood because we got back much sooner than expected so it all ended on a good note.
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My lungs are pretty good so I was surprised to find myself choking a bit from the smoke from the Burns Bog fire this morning. I decided to leave the motorcycle and take the car to work so I don't have to put my poor baby to the task of intaking in any ashes, as well as myself. I'm heading out to Calgary tomorrow so a few days of rain while I'm gone will hopefully clear the air by the time I return.

I'm looking forward to this road trip. I enjoy traveling a lot. We'll be taking Nesha's car and her sister is joining us too. It's supposed to rain intermittently but I hope the weather isn't too bad. There are quite a few places that I would love to stop at and explore.

The timing is good since the amount of work here has diminished once again. I have to sit here at my desk for another 4 hours waiting for my workday to end. I've gone around and visited other employees to find out exactly what and how they work. I hope they can put up with my pestering. However, they don't have much to show me as they are also low in work volumes.


Aug. 22nd, 2005 08:09 pm
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I had a wonderful weekend! It was great seeing Nesha again. We went to a play about bonobo monkeys apes on Saturday and met again to join family and friends at the Rathayatra event on Sunday. I got to introduce some of my family to friends.

As the procession moved slowly along the street, I jumped into the parade with Nesha and Joe and we helped pull the huge float-like chariot down to the park. I heard somewhere that it's supposed to be good luck to do so. But I swear we were the only ones in the group of about 35 pulling that thing! The others in front of us appeared to be just holding the rope up!

I knew that the Hare Kirshnas were going to participate in this Hindu festival but I didn't realize that they would be the main sponsor! As a result, the food in particular wasn't as good as the variety possible from an Indian event put on by a number of Indian sponsors. The food was okay though. The fresh fruit, smoothies and sweets were even better and cost very, very little.

Since there was only one stand for free food, we all had to line up in the hot sun for quite some time. I got slightly sunburned, even with sunscreen. Two older women cut in line in front for food after my family and Nesha got theirs. Those 2 just cut in from both sides and played up their lack of understanding the English language. Sigh... what can you do?

I was hoping for more Indian dance performances but the one I did see was worth it. There was some free mendhi applied by talented women. Most of the women in my company got one done.

About 4 hours later, Nesha and I left as she had to go on a run and I had enough of the sun. Consider yourselves all lucky as I forgot my camera...! :P
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the bouquet I delivered to Nesha at work last week when she was having a rough day...
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I have been getting some strange dreams lately. But last night was not a dream.

After I took my shower, I went to bed after having a glass of water and dilly-dallying around a bit. When I got into bed, Nesha said "You sure took a long time to prepare (for be)". And just as a warning, she asked me not to cuddle or touch her so that she could get some sleep. I just sighed and slid all the way to the edge on my side of the bed.

A few minutes later, I had just fallen asleep when she woke me up. She sounded annoyed and said "I took off the underwear!".

"Wha... WHAT?!", I asked.

"I TOOK OFF THE UNDERWEAR!!", she repeated and looked at me angrily.

"WHAT?!" I asked again.

Nesha just huffed and turned over angrily as if my questioning woke her up. I spent the next hour laying there in the dark wondering what just happened. And then I just started giggling at the absurdity of it all. I noticed that she also took all the covers but I wasn't about to disturb her...

This morning, I asked her what that was all about. She couldn't recall any of it. She didn't remember asking me not to cuddle or about the underwear thing. She insisted that I dreamt it all. Sigh... I just can't win. :P
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Nesha came back home early because she finally found someone to come in to work.
An employee of hers has taken advantage of calling in sick and has done so for her 3 shifts before going on vacation and has called in sick when she was supposed to be back. She hasn't talked to Nesha yet because she is still in Australia. She has apparently done this every year in the past but no one can do anything about it since she has always been able to produce a note from her doctor.

Poor Nesha gets an annual salary so she doesn't get any overtime or additional pay for coming in on her days off or for working longer hours. She is now short 2 people since another employee has gone on vacation and the other one hasn't come back.
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Since Nesha had some free time before going to her Crisis Centre graveyard shift, we went out for dinner and a movie.

I'm glad we saw Napoleon Dynamite. It was a movie depicting the pains, innocence and suffering in high school, especially if you were an oblivious geek. Although the movie were full of stereotype characters common in movies about high school, most of them were quite original. Aside from the title character Napoleon, Pedro (the new Mexican student with the Latino gangsta cousins) and Kip (the 32 year old brother who never really grew up) are fun to watch. Geez... this movie was great!

If you see it, be sure to stay for the extra 5 minutes of footage after the ending credits. Hey... you DID pay for the tickets so you must as well get your money's worth!
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Nesha came home very late one evening. Because she didn't want to wake me, she came to bed without any sleepwear on at all, as she didn't want to turn on the lights to look for it.
I have to get to bed early more often. ;)
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Things have been going great at our new home. I am growing to really like being between Davie and Robson Street. It's almost like two different worlds on either side. When I lived just off Davie, I was comfortable enough to take quick trips out to the store for quick errands while wearing whatever I had on at the time. It wasn't always pretty. :P

When I tried this one day on my way to a store on Robson, I felt somewhat more self-conscious. As everyone who comes down to Robson dresses up in the latest fashions, I suddenly realized how grubby I looked. And then the feeling left as quickly as it came. Heh.

Hopefully, we will be receiving our assigned storage locker today. Then, we can finally store away those straggling boxes and redundant lamps and tables. Our home WILL be presentable!

Nesha's kitty is adorable. His favourite toy is a orange plush bat with black dots all over. He carries it around everywhere in his mouth to play with it. Strangely, I found it in the bathtub one morning.
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We are almost settled in. The chaos of moving has disappeared and almost everything has found a place in our new home. There are just a few boxes that are awaiting a storage locker to be assigned to us.

I have gotten rid of so much stuff. I want to find more to get rid of that I won't regret losing in the future. The trunk is going but I am still wondering if I should give my brother the large drawing table to make more room for my easel and Japanese screen. Nesha has gotten rid of a lot of her furniture and things so I can't really expect her to give up more.

The new apartment is actually more spacious than my old one and I agree with Nesha, the layout is very nice. _annexia_ (has the identical layout in reverse. It feels weird now whenever I visit her. There is plenty of light and the crosswinds up on our corner of the 16th floor keeps things from getting too warm. The balcony provides plenty of fresh air and with the rest of the windows, we have a great view of the city and the ocean. I love the ocean. :)

Almost all of the tenants are very friendly. Everyone in the building that I come across tends to say hi. The building managers and staff are also very friendly, polite and helpful.

I will miss being a block or two away from the Seawall and Stanley Park, Safeway and London Drugs but that's about it. I see more benefits in the move making it worthwhile.

It's quite nice knowing Nesha will usually be there (or eventually) when I go home.
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All kidding and teasing aside, it has been over a week and there's no friction between us at all. :)
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I had not slept between the day before and the day of moving. When the movers arrived, We all had to quickly throw everything into boxes and large bags. I was glad to have recruited my nephew and younger brother to help... and even paid them. Both their moms suggested it because they both apparently sleep too much and don't get out enough.

The movers were expensive, even though it felt like we did a lot of the work. We mainly moved all the boxes down to the lobby and did all the packing and bundling. I had never felt so tired before. My body is sore and there are bruises all over my arms. The movers moved all the heavy furniture and some of the boxes. After dropping off at the new place to meet Nesha and make sure the movers got there, my brother and I went back to my old apartment. We had a few more things left in there to move and I had to finish cleaning. I almost lost about $2000 of hockey goalie gear when the movers didn't take it with them and it was left sitting in the lobby!

It took me all afternoon and evening to clean. I probably didn't get out of there until about 9PM. Luckily, no one was moving in yet. Nesha had cleaned our new place a bit before we moved everything in. I was happy to come home to a clean bathroom and shower.

Our place is just filled with boxes, bags and haphazardly placed furniture in seemingly every square inch. It was overwhelming for me to see how much stuff we (especially me) had. This is normal right? Everything will eventually disappear into it's little place and arrange neatly, right?

I have bags under my eyes from a lack of sleep. And my legs, arms, and back are sore.
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We are so touched!

Thank you to everyone for contributing and sharing all that yummy food you had at C&M's place after the Pride Parade. Nesha and I were so exhausted and busy during our moving day that we would never been able to eat anything if it wasn't for your generosity. Every item ([livejournal.com profile] cissy37, we'll hang onto your container until we can get it back to you.) was absolutely delicious... the fruit salad, the salmon, chicken, cole slaw, homous, potato salad, pasta... it was all very enjoyable.

And thank you [livejournal.com profile] _annexia_ for delivering it for us along with the box of timbits!

This is the first time in 5 years that I missed the Pride Parade... and the first time in 4 that I missed with you all.
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I was having a conversation with my mom and she started quizzing me about the place I was moving into. It was all going smoothly as she asked me a few questions. When I told her it was a one bedroom, she asked me how we were going to fit Nesha's bed in there...


Uhhh... I wasn't sure what I should have really said so I just avoided giving a direct answer. I told her that it was a big place, larger than where I live now. Luckily she didn't push me for a direct answer.

This topic had never come up before as I have always lived on my own since I moved out of my parents' house. I wonder if my sister in Seattle is going to make us sleep in separate rooms again when we visit?
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I just looked at all those guides and ads for the upcoming Pride celebrations. I found out that our move is happening on the same day as the Pride Parade! Eeep... that should make things interesting!

The movers are supposedly showing up at Nesha's place at 8AM. I'm hoping they'll complete her move and get down to my place well before 11. My street is going to get crazy as it gets closer to the noon start time of the parade. It won't be fun paying all that money for their time to drive down a likely busy street to get to my building. I also hope no one walks by and decides to help themself to one of my belongings.

Nesha and I were wondering if we could move in one day early on Saturday after we finish work but that's when one of the fireworks events take place too. I just can't win.
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Hmm... how many farmers does it take to change a lightbulb?
... and what's that guy looking for behind that door?

Old Singer sewing machine

Red Head Motor Oil!


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