Jan. 9th, 2006 07:33 pm
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I haven't heard from the school board so it looks like the Hindi course I signed up for isn't cancelled this time! I'll be taking Hindi at the same time as my French language course. I just hope I don't get the two mixed up! :P

I was quite tired when I got home today. However, since I was home so early and have so much free time to play with, I decided to watch a Bollywood movie instead. I can't believe I'm finally watching Devdas (the newer one with SRK, of course!). This was one of the first Bollywood movies I got a hold of and was saving it for a rainy day. Mind you, there are a lot of rainy days in Vancouver! :P
It was a sad decision though, as I had been holding off from watching it for a long time for reasons that I shouldn't say...

I still have a bit more to watch. So far, the movie has not let me down and I am awestruck by the lush visuals, gorgeous clothes, captivating story and beautiful songs and dance scenes. Of course, Sharukh Khan makes it a joy to watch and Aishwarya Rai looks great. Her acting seems so much better here too than the other movies I've seen her in. And to top it all off, my favourite actress... Madhuri Dixit.... is also in it!

The camera shot, as it pans over the diyas covering the floor to introduce one of the best dance/song scenes ever (at least to me), just gives me goosebumps... that's my heaven! Now, back to the show... :D
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I'm still not happy with it at all. I'll try another one sometime...
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Happy birthday to Shahrukh Khan!

He's the same age as me! :P

Here's one of the best condensed write-ups of his biography I've seen...


Oct. 17th, 2005 08:12 pm
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It has been about a month since I have seen Paheli. I have been listening to the soundtrack repeatedly before I saw the movie and I have been listening to it even more after finally seeing it! This movie was shorter than the average 3 hour Bollywood film. It's based on a Rajasthani fairytale involving a bhoot (Indian phantom/ghost) who falls in love. Everything in Paheli was breathtaking... the colour palette, period Rajasthani clothing, sets, filmography, acting, story and, of course, music.

Shahrukh Khan displayed his amazing range as an actor and Rani Mukerjee also gave a good performance.

Paheli has been nominated as an entry into the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film. I believe The Rising: Mangal Pandey, with Aamir Khan, was nominated as well. I'll have to make some time in the near future to see that movie. It's been sitting on my shelf for a few days so far.

My only disappointment with Paheli is that one of the best song sequences, Phir Raat Kati, is only shown at the end, where it has been shrunken to accommodate the credits scrolling by. I would have loved to see it at full size on it's own, perhaps as a special feature in the DVD. Farah Khan did a wonderful job as the choreographer and it was great seeing SRK and Rani performing as puppets for that song.

I threw together this banner for a BW forum signature... :)
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OMG... they have a real funny Shahrukh Khan movie on cable 8 (if you're in Vancouver) right now! Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Transl. The Braveheart Will Take the Bride) has the reputation of being the longest run movie in India... it's still playing since 1995, I believe!

Edit: One infamously bad fight scene later and the movie is over! lol


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