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While in Toronto, a group of friends came by on my day off and grabbed me for a trip to the abandoned paper mill in Georgetown. I had just finished an all night 14 hour shift and had been awake for over 24 hours by the time we got there. In addition to this, I had to take a motion sickness pill to counter the effects of being a car passenger for the long ride. My head felt like it was encased in sand. :P

When we reached the mill, we slipped through a hole in the fence to begin our exploration. It was a fascinating visit!

Barber Paper Mill
Georgetown, Ontario


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Aug. 10th, 2010 01:01 am
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Things related to pirates bring out the romance in some people... ;)

A port-to-port tall ship race in Toronto had a number of tall ships arrive to the waterfront. Canada Day happened to coincide with this event so there were quite a few ships to admire.

Toronto Waterfront
Toronto, Ontario

Lakeside Kiss

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I was working or away during the majority of the chaos in Downtown Toronto. These photographs were all taken when all the delegates were leaving. I heard that there were still a number of protesters marching through the streets though.

Toronto, Ontario


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Ed Mirvish
July 24, 1914 - July 11, 2007

Honest Ed's
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I saw this gigantic statue of Freddie Mercury on a theatre building at Yonge Street. It was for We Will Rock You -The Musical. I took a photo of it during the evening when a spotlight was focused on Freddie's crotch but then I realised that you couldn't really tell that it was him because of the lighting. I made a point of going back and getting a photo during the day. You can make out his moustache and facial features a lot better in this new version!

Freddie Mercury

I also came across Evil Dead - The Musical on a seperate evening. I had to go back and take a photo during the day when everything was not hidden in the dark. They have musicals for everything!!! I learned that this show is doing very well. More days have been added to the run. I really should have seen it when I was in Toronto but maybe I'll get lucky if it comes out here.

Evil Dead - The Musical
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The Beaches is an upper class neighborhood in Toronto. The homes there are large and expensive. The nearby beach is comprised of Woodbine Beach (east), Kew Beach (middle) and Balmy Beach (west) all next to each other. These three beaches are the reason the area and beach is called "The Beaches". The beach is along Lake Ontario, which is a fresh water lake. It is so big that it looks just like the ocean.


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These two beagles were walking their owner.


A Festival For Dogs!

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Toronto Festival of Arts & Creativity 2007

This is a 10 day festival in Toronto. Why can't Vancouver have something like this? Did I mention it goes on for 10 days?!!

Latina Dancer

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Jun. 23rd, 2007 10:31 pm
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On top of the world

On Top of the World

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Bell Tower

Built in 1844, the original building was famous for its glass and was once thought to be the largest Gothic building in Canada. After 110 years of faithful service, the great church suffered a disastrous fire in 1955 and was almost destroyed, with the exception of the bell tower. A cloistered garden is presently on the site of the vanished building.

After the fire, the congregation worshipped in the large Rectory for over two decades. In 1986, the cornerstone was laid to open the refurbished original parochial schoolhouse/parish hall. The congregation has worshipped there to the present.

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Toronto Lester Pearson International Airport
Gate 18


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