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Dragonfly in garden (Alix, Alberta)

Nesha does pump her own gas! (Kamloops, BC)

Alix Lake, Alberta


Jul. 17th, 2003 12:04 pm
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On the drive to Alix Lake in Alberta, Nesha's dad, Don, swerved to the shoulder of the highway in order to avoid a gopher that ran onto the road. We were travelling at the speed limit at 110 kmph.

Don's girlfriend tore into him relentlessly. I felt bad for him and I didn't personally believe he did anything wrong. I know it's stupid to do something like this just to save the life of a rodent but I would have done exactly the same thing... instinctively or even purposely. I didn't feel our safety was compromised though since there was no sense of the car being out of control. It was a safe swerve.

Nesha tried to put a stop to her admonishing by reminding her not to upset the driver as she knew he was getting upset.

I did what I could by reaching forward and giving his shoulder a discrete, comforting pat.
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Nesha won't let me get a cowboy hat. :(
Actually, she eventually said I could if I wanted one but I know what she really meant.

I got along very well with Nesha's family. They really liked me... I suppose they don't know me very well. LOL

I especially got along with her dad, Don. He's quite intelligent and sensitive. He's a very nice guy. We had many conversations about various subjects and found that we had similiar views. Don drove us all over the Alberta while we were there. He's an inventor of sorts and he does construction work to pay the bills. Luckily he sets his own work hours so he was able to spend a lot of time with us. He's currently seeing a woman who is means well but is extremely needy of his attention. She's also a relentless back-seat driver and I feel sorry for him. But as I said, she means well and is very friendly although she was initially painfully shy.

I met Nesha's grandparents and aunts too. Apparently, her grandparents have taken a liking to me. They made me feel very comfortable while I was there. They also stuffed me full of food. I got to eat some yummy buffalo burgers... real Alberta buffalo. I had three of them and they were good! (They "forced" them on me, heehee.)

I got a kick out of her grandfather demonstrating his electrified fly swatter. Man... that fly sure made a loud pop. He kept one of the batteries hidden though because he was afraid that one of his son-in-laws would get him back for turning the thing on while he was playing with it.

I gave them all hugs when I left. I look forward to seeing them again on my next visit.

Road Trip

Jul. 15th, 2003 09:27 am
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We're about 2 hours late for dinner. The car is coasting down long stretches of road in Alberta farm country. Grass roots music is playing in the background.


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